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  1. Many dogs are prone to ear infections and other problems, but can you use human ear drops to treat your dog? Well, it is important to remember that dogs respond differently than humans to certain drugs and chemicals, so you should not use human ear drops if your dog has an ear infection or problem. Answered By: Kellie Vo
  2. Human ear drop medicine often won't even work on dogs for such scenarios
  3. Dog Veterinarian. Doctoral Degree. 10,733 satisfied customers. My dog (A Lahso Apso) she has an yeast infection Vet put her. My dog (A Lahso Apso) she has an yeast infection Vet put her on optic drops. Don't seem to be working I do though have a tube of Nystatin cream for human use
  4. Usually yes, so google the active ingredient in it and see if its the same usage as for human. Dogs are people are very close, by weight , as a person is about 3-5 x heavier than the dog, and most drugs are dosed guided by weight. In general many.
  5. Many dogs are prone to ear infections and other problems, but can you use human ear drops to treat your dog ? Well, it is important to remember that dogs respond differently than humans to certain drugs and chemicals, so you should not use human ear drops if your dog has an ear infection or problem
  6. We do not recommend using your own ear drops to try to treat your dog's sore ear. Most of the over-the-counter drugs we use to treat our own eye and ear infections will not cause lasting damage to dog bodies, but they are far from ideal

Conclusion: How to put ear drops in uncooperative dog? If your dog is afraid of the ear drops bottle, then you can drop putting the ear drops solution on a cotton ball and squeezing the cotton ball in your dogs ear. If that doesn't work, then you will have to train your dog to allow you to put ear drops in their ears My dog has been shaking his head for a day I look in ear has what looks like running wax coming out the ear I want to know if I can use an ear med I from earlier this year on him Ciprodex . read mor

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Polysporin is intended for use in humans to treat ear or eye infections. It may be used in dogs, although it is most likely not the best choice for treatment of dog ear infections. Polysporin topical cream is used to treat skin infections in cuts and wounds. Polysporin eye and ear drops are prescribed to treat and prevent external infections When being used as a preventative measure, the purpose of dog ear cleaner is to loosen, soften and gently remove any build-up of wax or dirt. If you are using dog ear cleaner to maintain the cleanliness of your dog's ears, it is best to use saline eye wash solution

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If your dog is suffering a yeast infection of the ear the best ear cleaner is vinega. While any will do, apple cider vinegar is the best. You want the stuff with the mother in it (the cloudy stuff with the bits in the bottom) but you don't want the bits in the mix you put in the ears! Pour through some cloth and use it neat No. It's never a good idea to use hydrogen peroxide (or alcohol) to clean your dog's ears. They will dry out and irritate his ears. They could irritate open wounds, cause inflammation in the ear canal and worsen infections

The Ofloxacin otic solution will be administered with the help of a sterile ear dropper. The vet will recommend 3 to 5 drops for each ear, administered twice per day. Your vet will recommend a suitable concentration of otic solution for your dog You can use garlic oil to keep your dog's ears clean, eliminate ear mite infections, fight fungal and bacterial ear infections as well as treat inner ear swelling and fluid. How to Use : Place 10 drops of garlic oil in each ear of your dog 2 times a day until the bacterial or mite infection or infestation is resolved Ear infections can be painful for your dog, so it is necessary to make the recovery process as smooth and painless as possible. Get the Ears Cleaned. Before putting the ear drops in, get your dog's ears cleaned thoroughly to remove any wax or discharge. You can use a veterinary-recommended ear cleaner and massage the ears to get it cleaned. My Online Vet Response for: Yeast ear infection in a dog that won't allow ear drops by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman . Hi Bruce, Acepromazine is a phenothiazine derivative antipsychotic drug. In animals, it is commonly used as a very potent tranquilizer. And is mainly useful in calming anxious dogs. It does NOT decrease pain My husband looked a little confused so he asked if it was deemed Madison had an ear infection after all. The intern stated no not really, these drops are for you to give to her just to be safe side. The intern vet tech told him to use 8 drops in each ear, once a day, for 1 week so on 1/9/16 we started the Mometamax ear drops as directed

Giving your dog ear drops will never be a pleasant experience, but we can turn it into a manageable one. Prepare The Medicine Before you try to restrain your dog, make sure all medications are open and ready for use, and that you have plenty of treats on hand to make the process as quick as possible She found ear drops labelled put two drops in right ear in the medicine cabinet, and instilled the ear drops into the child's right ear. But the family's dog also had a bottle of ear drops for ear mites, which were the drops the babysitter used. The son's ear drops were in the refrigerator. Luckily, the child was not harmed by the dog's ear. Ear Cleaning. Cotton balls are easier to clean dogs ears with. Cleaning your dog's ear should be done in a gentle manner with a cotton ball--never with a cotton swab. Shoving a cotton swab down your dog's ear canal can cause ear damage. Use a mixture of one part water and two parts vinegar to make a homemade ear-cleaning solution You can use this cooled mixture to clean your dog's ears, again with cotton wool or gauze. In any case, ear infections in dogs should be taken seriously even if they are very common. If your dog shows signs such as shaking his head, scratching his ears or they are smelly, use our natural remedy or the other treatments suggested to relieve him.

To answer the title question, yes you CAN use human eye drops in dogs. But it's much better to go to a vet and get the correct product dosed correctly. They may even suggest a human product. Specifically about Clear Eyes, no, don't use that on any pet. And it's not the right thing for the dog's problem anyway (or a human with the same problem Close-up of ear mites in dog's ears. 3. Ear Mites. Although ear mites are a more common problem for cats, dogs can also have issues with these parasites.. There are a few different species of. Gently pull the flap of the ear up and slightly back using your other hand. Apply the prescribed number of drops into the ear canal, while continuing to hold the ear flap up. Rub the base of the ear against the head in a circular motion. Be cautious and gentle as your dog may object to this procedure For several heartbeats, I experienced the same mixture of indecision and panic that I imagine drives most dog owners straight to use their own human eye drops as eye drops for dogs Certain types of human eye drops, such as artificial tear drops, may be safe to use on dogs, but always consult with your vet first. Ordinary Eye Wash (Sterile Buffered Saline) is proper to use in a dog's eye to clean the eye but it will not be helpful for an inflamed, sore eye

My vet. recommended ACV his recipe was 1/2 Cup each of ACV & Water with 5 drops of Alcohol mix well then use no more than 10 drops in each ear once per week & rub the ears. My dogs had ear infections constantly until he told me that We've been doing it for about a year now & their last appt. were very good with no more infections, redness. Why Should You Not Use Human Eye Drops on Dogs? As a result, when a dog owner notices that something seems to be wrong with their dog's eyes, they should head to a veterinarian sooner rather than later. In part, this is because a veterinarian can provide them with useful information about how to help their beloved pets Add several drops of water to the blend of these two creams to make it slightly thinner, add it to a dropper, and then carefully squirt the mixture into your dog's ears. Use this home remedy treatment for a week to get rid of the yeast infection for good. If the problem does not subside despite the constant use of both the Monistat and. Zymox Otic enzymatic solution in the form of ear drops treat bacterial, viral and yeast infections in the outer ear of dogs and cats. It contains the enzymes Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, and Lysozyme. It is available in the forms of two different preparations. One with hydrocortisone and one without hydrocortisone dog has a bad ear infection he is in pain can I use ear drops made for humans savageh283. abuse. 0. Add comment. no, only a human can withstand the chemicals that are in human ear drops,they might cause harm to your dog, I recommend you buy ear drops that are especially made for dogs that can be purchased at a local pet store or pet clini

Dogs do not typically avert to the ear drops and tolerate them well—especially if given a treat! Also, it is important to never to use human ear cleaner or ear drops on your dog unless recommended by your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can prescribe dog-safe ear cleaning products There are likely to be times in your pet's life when you need to administer medications for ear conditions. This task can come with challenges as your pet may resist receiving medications for various reasons, including discomfort or fear associated with the treatment. If you are having difficulty, contact your veterinary team to discuss the challenges you are facing and explore options to.

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I usually wipe away the gunge with one of those flat, round lint pads (Aldi sell them cheaply) soaked in Optrex eye wash first. Chlorophenicol 1% in Golden eye crem, not drops-I think, also in Brolene and what the vet will start your dog on, so may as well go to the chemist. Works on me, dogs, horse You may have heard of it to reduce wrinkles or help with sunburn. It can also help to reduce inflammation, act as an anti-irritant and heal infection. Just pour a little bit of natural Aloe Vera gel in your dog's ear to do its magic. 4. Oils. There are many different botanical oils that you can use to help a dog ear infection Can I use Refresh eye drops on my dog? There is nothing wrong with use human eye drops for dogs including Refresh eye drops. These are well-made, certified, and perfect for your dog's health. Please remember, it is still important to read the directions and use the eye drops properly Hi all, My dog is prone to ear infections, two or three times a year, and Surolan fixes it whenever the issue arises. My trouble is that each time it occurs we go to the vet they charge for a consult plus ear swab plus the Surolan costing $200 each time (and yes we have tried other vets with similar results), given a 30ml pack of seems to cost around $33 online I am sure the vets are simply. Use a part of earplugs or ear covers meant for a child or small adult. Dr. Smith says that you should only use out-of-ear plugs and never to use plugs that go in a dog's ear. She says that it is too easy to lose materials in a dog's ear, and too easy to damage their ear drums by sticking things in the ears

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  1. As a rule of thumb, avoid using Q-tips, as these can easily cause damage to your dog's ear, puncture their eardrum, and push debris further down into their ear canal. Start with an ear cleaner recommended by your veterinarian (don't use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or witch hazel, as these can irritate your pet's delicate ear canals)
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  3. Use the ear drops exactly as your doctor tells you to. Unless you have been told otherwise, put two to three drops into the affected ear(s) two or three times a day. You will need to use the drops until the infection has gone, and then for an extra 14 days after the infection has cleared up in order to prevent re-infection
  4. The ear cleaning can be performed using some saline ear drops. You may also prepare a solution using vinegar and water. Insert the solution using a syringe and then massage the base of the ear. The dog will shake his head and this will remove the wax and the debris from the ears. Wipe the dog's ears with a clean towel
  5. eral oils as a natural dog ear cleaner. This can help stop the buildup of wax. To do this: Add a couple of drops of each oil to the outside of your dog's ear canal. Wait until your dog shakes their head. This will spread the oil around the canal
  6. DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: Shake well before use. For dogs weighing less than 30 lbs. instill 4 drops of POSATEX ® Otic Suspension once daily into the ear canal. For dogs weighing 30 lbs. or more, instill 8 drops once daily into the ear canal. Therapy should continue for 7 consecutive days
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Antibiotic ear drops are generally used to treat a bacterial ear infection, also known as bacterial otitis externa. Topical preparations are available as single medications or as combinations; common antibiotic preparations include neomycin, gentamicin, polymyxin B, enrofloxacin and silver sulfadiazine. These medications may also be combined with antifungal agents and/or corticosteroids Trapped foreign object inside the dog's ear. Exposure to hot, humid weather. Poor overall hygiene. Use of products or ear drops for dogs that alter the natural environment of the ear. Yeast is an opportunistic microorganism that is well known to take advantage of a compromised environment. Yeast thrives in a wet moist dark environment Ear Stuff is also a great ear cleaner too. Best stuff on the market and trust me it works..these ear drops are affordable and they work Karen Ford Scholey It is perfect for my Westie with her hairy inner ears. Miracle drops I call them. Cathryn Stabb. Ear Stuff is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic

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Never use Q-Tips to clean dog ears. Just like with human ears, Q-Tips tend to pack more junk down the ear canal rather than getting any of the wax out of there. Also, you should never use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean dog ears because that can be irritating. At any point of the process, if your dog yelps in pain, stop immediately Can I use Nystatin ointment on my dog? Nystatin is an antifungal medication used to treat yeast overgrowth in the mouth and intestinal tract of dogs, cats, and birds. The FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) has approved this drug for use in humans, but it is not officially approved for use in animals

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Ear and Eye Drops for Dogs. When your dog's ears and eyes need some attention, Petco has them covered with over-the-counter solutions. Ear cleaning is an important part of your dog's health and wellness.If debris is allowed to build up and an infection develops, it can lead to pain, hearing loss and other complications An ear mite infection will cause your dog's ears to itch, which often results in them shaking their head excessively, or scratching at their ears with their paws. Ear mites can also produce wax and irritation, so your pet's ears may well look red and inflamed. Typically, ear mites will also cause a dry black ear discharge If the ear has no injuries, you can apply 2 or 3 drops directly to your dog ears daily. However, if there are wounds apparent on your dog's ears, you will have to alter this essential oil treatment for your dog's ear infection.Mix the tea tree oil with sweet almond oil, adding 20 drops of the essential oil in half a glass of sweet almond oil

Shake well before use. The external ear should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before the initiation of treatment. Verify that the eardrum is intact. Instill 5 drops of Surolan in the ear canal twice daily and massage the ear. Therapy should continue for 7 consecutive days. Contraindication EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner — Infection Support Formula is a blend of all-natural and organic ingredients. Contains all-natural, plant-based disinfectants proven effective by tens of thousands of customers. Relieves bad smell, itch, and gunky discharge resulting from dog ear infections in as little as 24-48 hours* The best part is that you can use it as preventative medicine as well as a regular disinfectant for your dog's toys and home. 2. Ears. For those poor dogs that suffer from ear infections, colloidal silver comes in as a savior. You can simply use it as a liquid just like you would use any regular ear drops. However, do not use too much of it Ear infections in dogs can be just as troubling as in humans. It can be painful and may even do permanent damage to your dog's eardrum. So if your dog is experiencing signs of ear discomfort, they should immediately be taken to a veterinarian

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  1. Highly recommended my spaniel had repeated mucky ears and ear infection that cost me a fortune to clear up with vet .I purchased stinky stuff and use once a fortnight and no issues since .if ears look a little inflamed drop a couple of drops in and resolved within an hour.really good value for money and does the job recommend to friends who.
  2. g process and if done correctly, will prevent ear infections.
  3. Dog ear canals are not straight like humans. Pets with floppy ears or those that swim often may need more frequent cleaning. Things to remember when cleaning your dog's ears at home: You should not use peroxide or other harsh chemicals to clean a dog's ears; Use appropriate dog ear cleaning products, avoid human products like cotton tip
  4. The addition of 1% Hydrocortisone helps to provide relief from itching and inflammation. Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone acts as both a cleaner and a treatment, in just one application daily. Key Benefits. Effectively treats acute and chronic otitis externa due to bacterial, fungal and yeast infections

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YES! Ear mites are highly contagious arachnids that feed on the wax and oils of your pets' ears. Both cats and dogs can get them, and they can pass them to one another. They are not known to pass to humans, however, so you are probably safe. If your dog or cat has ear mites you will notice them itching their ears Why do cats and dogs use Ofloxacin Eye Drops? Bacterial eye infections can cause a host of problems for your dog or cat including swelling, pain, itching, and light sensitivity. To treat bacterial eye infections, veterinarians often prescribe Ofloxacin Eye Drops, a broad-spectrum topical antibiotic Dog. My vet has Defended his career on his knowledge , only two have patients Going on u tube and putting human use products down there dogs ears, or finding natural therapies. Recently my own dog finally had his ear cleaned out.. after months of different drops ect I now clearly see the benefit and see my young dog so much happier If your pooch is prone to ear infections or seems to have a lot of wax build up, you may be wondering if you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean a dog's ears. After all, over the counter drops for. Drop the drops, not directy in as that is very uncomfortable, but rather drop them onto the side of the ear, onto the skin so that it drips into the ear. This is far more comfortable for the dog. If at all possible, try not to hold the dog down too much. The more physical in your restraints, the more it will panic

In Australia when your dog has an inflammation of the ear issue that is caused by either fungal or bacteria or both a vet will often have a visual inspection, take a swab for specific infection analysis, give cortisone injections and support it with Surolan Ear drops or ointment for you to take home and use daily for ten days or so Not only are dog clippers and human clippers different, but dogs need their very own shampoos, brushes, nail trimmers, and ear cleaners too. You may think you're being clever and saving a few bucks by using human products on your dog, but really you could be putting your dog's health and safety at risk Give your dog ear drops by restraining him safely, either by holding him between your knees facing away from you or by placing him on a table with your dominant arm draped across him. Hold the drops in your dominant hand and use the other hand to pull back the ear flap gently. Then, squeeze out the appropriate number of drops into the ear canal But is it safe to use when cleaning your dog's ears? A dog with big, floppy ears is the epitome of adorable. What many dog owners do not realize, however, is that a dog's ears need a certain degree of care and attention, especially ears that are large and floppy. Because moisture can get trapped in the ears, dogs with ears that hang down. Use only the 3% hydrogen peroxide found in the drug store for this recipe, not the higher concentrations used for industrial applications.. Vinegar and Boric Acid Dog Ear Wash. This recipe kills bacteria and fungus while cleaning your dog's ears. To make it, mix the boric acid and vinegar until the boric acid dissolves, then add the rubbing alcohol and povidone-iodine

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Below is an outline of 3 different dosage strengths (low, medium, and high) you can use to help you dose your human CBD oil for your dog. 0.05mg CBD x 0.5kg of body weight (low) 0.125mg CBD x 0.5kg of body weight (mid) 0.25mg CBD x 0.5kg of body weight (high) For best results, give your dog 2 doses per day, ideally in the morning and night Managing your dog's hygiene is an effective way to prevent future ear infections. Clean your dog's ears by: Gently wiping the ear with an absorbent gauze. Never use a washcloth or paper towel. Avoiding cotton swabs, which can push debris deeper into your dog's ear. Cleaning the external portions of your dog's ears Q: Jake, our retriever mix, loves to swim. I sometimes get swimmer's ear when I swim. Can he develop the same problem? A: Yes, swimmer's ear is an infection of the external ear canal associated with water retention there. Dogs are at greater risk than humans, because a dog's ear canal is L-shaped, going down and then bending inward A must for any lab/retriever owner! Great for after swimming and baths. If your dog's ears aren't thoroughly dried after a bath, water can get trapped in the ear canal and cause itching, and this turned into hot spots on my dog's cheek where he scratched open his face trying to get that itch

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Mometamax Otic Suspension does contain a corticosteroid, as well as an antibiotic and an antifungal. All of the active ingredients in this drug are also used on humans for their respective indications. It is commonly used in dogs for otitis externa (ear infection). When administering your dose, the ear canal should be clean and dry How to tell if your dog needs probiotics. There is no evidence to determine whether human probiotics can help or harm dogs. Probiotics represent live microorganisms that can keep your dog in good health condition. From this point of view, it is important to give your dog a probiotic that will aid its specific bacteria Dog ear canals are not straight like humans. Pets with floppy ears or those that swim often may need more frequent cleaning. Things to remember when cleaning your dog's ears at home: You should not use peroxide or other harsh chemicals to clean a dog's ears; Use appropriate dog ear cleaning products, avoid human products like cotton tip This thickening can make the ear opening very narrow, so cleaning the ears becomes more difficult. Ulcerations on the inside of the ear canal can also result from infection and trauma. If a chronic or severe otitis progresses to involve the middle or inner ear, more severe clinical signs can occur, including development of a head tilt. Dog ear cleaners don't work for actual dog ear infections though or on ears that are really dirty. How often you use them depends on your dog's breed. According to Veterinary Centers of America, overuse of ear cleaners can irritate a dog's ear canal, which could itself lead to an infection

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My preference is Cell Food SAM-e (Lumina) -- which can be tough to get out of the US (and you're in Singapore). CellFood SAM-e does have the CellFood supplement in it (which is good stuff) but it's a liquid in a wee tiny 1 oz. bottle. You use just drops (like my 30 pound cocker got 10-13 drops depending on how compromised his liver was Step 6. Hold the flap of your dog's ear. Hold the tip of your dog's ear upward to give way for the medication. Apply a few drops of the medication, depending on the suggested dosage. Avoid touching the tip of the bottle and always wipe it with clean tissue paper after each application. Step 7 A dog's ear canal is made up of three parts: the external, middle, and inner ear. The external ear—the part of the ear we can see—is called the pinna and protects the inner parts of the ear that house the important structures our dogs use to hear Certain types of human eye drops, such as artificial tear drops, may be safe to use on dogs, but always consult with your vet first. Patricia J. Smith, MS, D.V.M., Ph. D., Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists and a colleague of Dr. Friedman at Animal Eye Care has recommended the following home remedies for treating your. I don't recommend the routine use of probiotics for my healthy dog patients. Can I Feed My Dog Yogurt, Kefir or Fermented Foods? While fermented foods are not necessarily toxic to dogs, it is hard to include enough in a dog's diet to treat an acute GI upset with beneficial bacteria. Fermented foods are natural sources of beneficial bacteria

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Treating Ear Mites in Dogs. Ear mites can be treated on an outpatient basis. Older and over-the-counter ear mite treatments involve putting medication in your dog's ears once a day for 10 to 30 days, depending on the product you use. If you try to treat your dog's ear mites with one of these medications, follow the label instructions closely In this condition if the pet owner uses the human eye wash to clear the eyes of his dog, without consulting the vet, then it can be harmful for the pet in the long run. Initially innocent looking squint can become a fatal problem, even up to cancer, for the dog if not examined well in time. With all of this in mind you should not use human eye. Like human children whose ears need a swimmer's ear rinse in the summer, a dog's ear canal needs to be dry to stay healthy. Vinegar The acidic characteristic of vinegar is a good thing because some of the pathogens that infect ears do not grow in acidic environments These tools can shove dirt and debris deeper into your dog's ears, causing infections, and can even lead to trauma to the inner structures of the ear itself. A note to the wise: Ear cleaning.

As with many of the other potential natural remedies for dog ear infections, a large amount of this product used at full dose can dry out a dog's ear too much and cause unintended damage. Instead, try using just 5-10 drops of witch hazel in your dog's ear to dry it out enough to prevent infection Well, in this post, I shall be listing out the best ear drops for dog ear infection. - They have been tested and trusted. I could give these products a million stars - If possible. The first productI'll like to recommend is the Zymox Advanced Formula Otic Plus Enzymatic Ear Solution for Dogs my German shepherd dog had some real ear issues Directions & Dosage for Teas, Tinctures & Drops. Tea: You can use tea bags made from organic Mullein as well. To brew your own, you'll want to make the tea fairly strong and give 10 milliliters or a little less than 2-1/2 teaspoons for every 30 lbs of your dog's body weight twice daily. Recommended for respiratory issues Dog Eye Drops: All the Different Uses. Eye drops for dogs can be a complicated topic of discussion. In veterinary medicine, dog eye drops have been used to treat a variety of eye problems. These can range anywhere from something as complex as bacterial eye infections, to something as simple as dry eyes in dogs Ear infection: If using Oregon Grape for ear infection in your dog, you'll want to use an oil infusion. You can do this by simply applying 1-5 drops to the affected ear once or twice a day until the condition is gone. Directions: Apply 5 drops of tincture to your dog's ears twice daily until the infection is healed. We recommend cleaning.

How do I use Tobramycin 0.3% eye drops? Tobramycin 0.3% is for topical ophthalmic use only externally and not for injection inside the eye. Can you use Tobramycin for ears? Applying Tobramycin eye drops to the ear is ototoxic (i.e., toxic to the ear). Ototoxicity can cause irreversible and permanent damage to the ear The medication is FDA approved for use in dogs only. The standard dosage varies from 4 - 8 drops in the ear canal. For dogs weighing less than 30 lbs, administer 4 drops into the ear canal every 12 hours, and 8 drops into the ear canal for dogs weighing above 30 lbs. Continue the therapy for 7 consecutive days

EYE WASH AND ANTIMICROBIAL OPHTHALMIC GEL . For optimal eye care of your dog, cat, or other pet, we recommend using the liquid for everyday cleaning and relief of minor eye issues and antimicrobial ophthalmic gel to protect and moisturize the eye and manage more serious eye problems Gently place the cotton ball inside your dog's ear. Take care not to push the cotton ball fully inside their ear, as it can force debris deep into the ear. ( Never use cotton swabs in your dog's ears.) Massage the base of the ear right next to the head. If using a dog-ear-cleaning-solution-soaked cotton ball, massage the ear canal and. Both canine and human eye contacts commonly contain a chemical called imidazoline, which can have toxic effects on a dog. If swallowed in large amounts, it can cause fatal poisoning in dogs. The symptoms that may be present include vomiting, weakness, depression, lethargy and blood pressure level drops Ear infections are typically caused by bacteria, yeast, or a combination of both. In puppies, ear mites can also be a source of infection. Factors that may predispose your dog to ear infections. How veterinarians treat ear infections in dogs. Step 1: Examine a swab of the infection under the microscope to decide if it's a yeast infection or bacteria (or very, very rarely, ear mites) Step 2: If a bacterial ear infection is suspected, send a sample to the lab for culture. Step 3: Clean the ear, using a prescription veterinary ear cleaner