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A basic macro that I typically use for heals and such is: #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] [@player] Heal. If you want it to only self cast with alt key, you can just add that modifier to the [@player] conditional. #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] [@player,mod:alt] Heal. In the second case, your tooltip won't always. /M opens the macro window, create a new macro there. Use this for basic; #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] SPELLNAMEHERE. Replace help with harm if you need a damage mouseover, maybe your dots or something. Hope that helps - a quick google search of 'mouseover macro wow' or something will set you on the path #showtooltip/cast [@cursor] Death and Deca

This macro will cast Entangling Roots on a hostile mouseover target or current hostile target. Try It! Use WowMatrix to download and keep WoW AddOns up-to-date. It's 100% FREE! Includes support for the latest WoW AddOns and Mods. Tutorial How to Install WoW AddOns in 3 Easy Steps using WowMatrix Simply mouse over the appropriate mob and click the macro. #showtooltip Pick pocket /cleartarget /use [@mouseover,harm,nodead]Sap /use [@mouseover,harm,nodead]Pick Pocket. Works in: 7.1. This macro allows you to both target and pickpocket your target with one button. As long as the target is in front of you and in range, it will work Macro targeting option: [@cursor] and [@player] Hello everyone. I'm not sure if this is old news, but I've recently discovered the [@cursor] command to use in macro's. It looks like this #showtooltip /cast [@cursor] Flamestrike. This makes it so that you do not receive the green targeting circle. The spell will fire off at the cursor location.

What this means is simple, you can have a mouse or keyboard with 100 keybinds and as long as their using valid, non-timed blizzard macros you can mash them to your heart's content. These aren't the droids your looking for . Most of WoW is a testimony to your ability to play your character 3 Arcane Macros. 3.1 Standard Rotation. 3.2 High Damage Blizzard. 3.3 Decurse. 4 Fire Macros. 4.1 Living Bomb, Fireball. 4.2 Cast Living Bomb on Mouseover Target. 5 Frost Macros. 5.1 Frostbolt and Pet Attack Macros and Addons provide many quality-of-life improvements in WoW, allowing players to improve how information is displayed in-game or automate decision-making to optimize performance. In this guide, we will go over useful Shadow Priest macros for , explain how to make your own macros, and cover some of the best Shadow Priest addons for both. 3.1 Hunter's Mark - Pet Attack - Pet Recall (All-In-One) 3.2 Call Pet/Revive Pet, Pet Attack, Pet Follow. 3.3 Misdirection. 3.4 Hunter's Mark. 3.5 Aspect Toggle Macro (With AotPack) 3.6 Aspect of the Cheetah / Pack by mouse click. 3.7 Bestial Wrath

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An actual 939 main castsequence macro used for tanking. This tanking macro setup is made to make your tanking as a paladin easier. Like all facerolling macros, this macro setup helps you decide which spell to use, so you can focus on tanking itself. This design is based on the 939 rotation proposed by Theck 1 Aliases 2 Arguments 3 Notes → Slash commands Simulate a mouse click on a frame of type Button. /click options ButtonObj MouseButton Down noneoptions See Making a macro for instructions on how to properly use options. ButtonObj The button to click. If the frame's type is not Button, this will silently fail. MouseButton The button you wish to simulate the click with. Accepts any value. Use a mouse that has extra buttons. Keybind Blizzard to one of those buttons. You'll have to click the button and then the left mouse button, but it can all be done from the mouse. Best idea ever! Out-of-game macros! A macro that presses 5 (my ranged AoE button) and than left-clicks on it's own, bound to mouse button 5 : Macro for Wow: Mouseover Flash of Light for Paladins. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria Posted on: 10-04-2012 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 16704 time - Bind your mouse button to another key (like F6, F7 or numberbad) outside of WoW and then set your macro to these new key and the mouse will proc them - If you have a Logitec mouse, you can use their Set Point Software (you go to their website and download it for your mouse). I dont know if other mouse have similar stuff

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Macro for Wow: Trinket for PVE. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria. Posted on: 09-13-2012 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 51970 time Macro List: http://tgn.tv/goinginsane/macro-list/This is the follow up guide on macros and how Mouseover macros work. This, after popular request.Maphack1337.. 1 Macro Formatting Guidelines 1.1 Re-Creating Old Macros 1.2 Example Macro 2 Quick Tips for Reading and Understanding Macros 3 General Macros 3.1 Smart Mounting Macro 3.2 One-button Soulstone 3.3 One-button Healthstone 3.4 One button all utility spells 4 3.1 Affliction Macros 4.1 Haunt, then.. The top macro will interrupt your Focus target if available, or otherwise interrupt your target. The bottom macro will let you easily Focus target whatever you are holding your mouse over. Using these two macros together will let you be extremely flexible when it comes to interrupting in Mythic+ and is invaluable for high-end play where missed. Using the logitech gaming software I show an easy way to program your logitech mouse to rapid fire your Gnome Sequencer Macros

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Select target when i use mouseover macro. I use mouseovers on my warlock - and I'd like the casting of the spell to select that enemy as my target. Here is my current macro. #showtooltip. /petattack [nocombat] /cast [@mouseover,harm] []Agony. Reply With Quote Holy Paladin Healing Macros and Addons — Shadowlands 9.1. On this page, you will find a number of useful macros and addons to make your life easier when playing your Holy Paladin in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.1. If you were looking for WoW Classic content, please refer to our Classic Paladin addons and macros Okay, so I started a Priest a week or 2/3 ago and I am leveling it as Holy (DPS). Since I'm also healing some dungeons now and then I was looking for a mouseover heal macro. I started out with the following mouseover macro's for different spells: #showtooltip /stand /use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player]Power Word: Shield The example above I used the same macro for Fortitude. Welcome to our Macros guide for Mages where you will find out what the best macros are for your Mage in WoW Classic. Classic Macros Guides. 1 Druid Macro Guide 2 Hunter Macro Guide 3 Mage Macro Guide 4 Paladin Macro Guide 5 Rogue Macro Guide 6 Shaman Macro Guide 7 Warlock Macro Guide 8 Warrior Macro Guide Use a mouse that has extra buttons. Keybind Blizzard to one of those buttons. You'll have to click the button and then the left mouse button, but it can all be done from the mouse. Best idea ever! Out-of-game macros! A macro that presses 5 (my ranged AoE button) and than left-clicks on it's own, bound to mouse button 5 :

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Clique. Clique is also available for Wow Classic and Wow TBC Classic, just download the appropriate version. Clique is a simple addon that enables powerful click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames and in the 3D game world. You can bind virtually any mouse or keyboard combination to a spell or macro Alternatively: /run TradeSkillFrame.DetailsFrame.CreateButton:Click(LeftButton, 1); This will always press the Create button of the crafting window no matter where your mouse currently is.. By replacing the TradeSkillFrame.DetailsFrame.CreateButton part with the name of another button you can use this macro for other buttons aswell.. You can find out the button names by using /framestack

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To create a basic macro which only casts the spell when you have a friendly mouseover target you have to add this condition to the above macro. This will look like this: /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] Renewing Mist. The condition is added within the brackets. mouseover: Execute spell if a mouseover target exists find the ability. click on the button. <click the mouse button I want to bind it to>. *nothing happens*. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear. User Info: Kolchin04. Kolchin04 (Topic Creator) 12 years ago #5. A target + Hunter's Mark macro. Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear

** Using a key (ctrl, shift, alt..) is easier if you have added the macro to a key binding, however if you normally use the mouse to click the macro, you can also use the option [button:2] instead. In this case you would put the totem when you left-click the macro, and nova when you right-click it. Quick Getaway with Ghost Wolf or Your Mount There's a keybind called Interact with mouseover, if you bind it to your mousewheel then you can just scroll it hovering over the corpses to loot them. I find it to be the most comfortable way of looting a large amount of mobs. Dottie-thunderhorn (Dottie) June 12, 2020, 11:27am #11. Or you can just right click them This macro will cast Earth Shock when clicked or Earth Shock Rank 1 for kiting when used in conjunction with the shift key. Try It! Use WowMatrix to download and keep WoW AddOns up-to-date. It's 100% FREE! Includes support for the latest WoW AddOns and Mods. Tutorial How to Install WoW AddOns in 3 Easy Steps using WowMatrix

Mouseover macro for judgement. Hi guys starting Heroic Blackthorn tonight with guild and was hoping to get a good mouseover macro to get censure stacks on both mobs via judgement. Im currently using. #showtooltip Judgement. /cast [target=mouseover] Judgement. Prob with this is its not casting judgement on current target if there's no 2nd target. In World of Warcraft patch 7.3 my mouse sensitivity was out of control. When a battle started in a Battleground or raid I had a lagging mouse and then my character would walk in all directions except the right one. Your mouse is one of the most important aspects in WOW, so it is important that it works.. Multi-player Rebirth. This macro will cast Rebirth on current friendly target, mouseover or focus friendly target. Try It! Use WowMatrix to download and keep WoW AddOns up-to-date. It's 100% FREE! Includes support for the latest WoW AddOns and Mods. Tutorial How to Install WoW AddOns in 3 Easy Steps using WowMatrix

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  1. #showtooltip /cast [target=mouseover] Fear If this doesnt work its because the mouse cursor was not over the target at the right time. Also, with CC such as this I usually make an all inclusive macro meant to keep my current target, mouseover and focus cc all in one keybind, i.e
  2. Macros can also use different abilities based on specs and stances (stealth/shadowform/druid shapes/warrior stances all count as stances) [spec:1/2] for changing a macro based on spec [stance:1-6] for modifying based on stance (I may have missed a druid form when counting - numbered as the stance bar going left to right)
  3. ation, macros, binds and more Customize illu
  4. g the Imp's firebolt
  5. Macro is a tool that has been present in World of Warcraft since its inception. The base concept of a macro is to perform more than one action at a time, in order to easier accomplish a task or really for any reason. All macro commands start with a forward slash ( / ) to separate them from normal text actions
  6. TBC mouseover macro. /cast [@mouseover,harm] Spell; Spell. (this macro is for hostile spells, if you mousoever someone it will cast on mouseover, if you dont mouseover it will cast on current target) /cast [target=mouseover,help] Spell; [help] Spell; Spell. (this macro is for friendly spells, if you mouseover someone it will cast on mouseover.

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My original Vanilla Paladin Macros, created for the 1.12 client, were able to provide amazing utility to the Paladin, but World of Warcraft: Classic uses a new macro system that is far more restrictive, so those old super powerful macros no longer work.Instead, we will have to figure out ways to get the most out of the new system Mouse Turning Guide (WoW) This guide is meant to aid people who use their keyboard arrow keys to turn in the game, since it has been noted all over the internet that mouse turning is more effective than using the keyboard, especially in PvP. It is also agreed by most long-term players that mouse turning is superior to keyboard turning in most. Code: #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,help] [@player] spellname (Rank x) Classic's API is based off of retail. Try to avoid using vanilla macros, the system has changed a lot since then. thanks for your help. your macro works on mouseover but it selfcast and ignore my target if I have one. I'd like mouseover, target, selfcast in this order if. The exclamation mark in the macro allows you to press the keybind again (with a mouseover or direct target on a friendly player) to clear this mouse targeting feature. Trinket Macros: If you're swapping between on-use trinkets and you don't want to update your Avenging Wrath or Avenging Crusader macros every single time, here's a fix

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1 New macro format request 1.1 Re-creating old macros 1.2 Example macro 2 Patch 3.1 Discipline macros 2.1 Divine Hymn 2.2 Pain Suppression 2.3 Pain Suppression 2.4 Pain Suppression 2.5 Power Infusion 2.6 Disc priest main heal 2.7 Disc priest main prevention 2.8 Disc priest One-Two Punch 2.9 Disc priest PvP healing 3 Patch 3.1 Holy macros 3.1 Guardian Spirit 4 Patch 4.0.6 Holy Macros 4.1 Chakra. Open up the macro window. You can do this either by opening the main menu and selecting Macros, or by typing /macro (/m) in the chat box. At the top of the window, you'll see two tabs: General Macros and Yourname Specific Macros

Casts Windfury Weapon on your main hand weapon if the macro is used with button 1. If not, then it casts Flametongue Weapon on your offhand weapon. Restoration: #showtooltip Greater Healing Wave /cast [@mouseover,help,exists] [@target,help,nodead] [@targettarget,help,nodead] [@player] Greater Healing Wav Macros :: Paladin :: @Mouseover. There are plenty of classes and abilities that can take advantage of a decent @mouseover macro. Pretty much any ranged ability works well with it, but it works on any ability that requires a target. The way these macros work is like so: The ability in the macro is fired at the target sitting underneath your. Mouse-over macros allow you to cast spells without actually targeting who you want the ability to be used on. Instead, mouse-overs make it so simply having your cursor over with the enemy, ally or party frame will allow you to cast on your intended target

Update: Since TBC Classic's live release, this macro is no longer working. The below method is how it worked but Blizzard removed it and isn't usable any longer. So yeah, this was really a thing, and it worked. The macro worked by taking your ranged attack speed and firing a Steady Shot in between shots, making sure not to clip an auto-attack Buying A Mouse For WoW. World Of Warcraft is all about dealing the quickest combinations and keeping the pressure on your opponent. As such, combinations require multiple keystrokes or combination of button presses and keystrokes. The farther you progress in WOW, the more abilities you gain, the more combinations you gather Note: Not all macro conditions listed in the guide linked above will function properly in WoW Classic. About the Author Maugus is a veteran World of Warcraft player and healer, having started as a Holy Priest in Vanilla and healing endgame raiding content through The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King

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the mouse has a function that allows you to write your own custom macros the choices for binding it gives you tie in to the DEFAULT keybind letters of the DEFAULT wow settings. this didnt work for me either, it fucked EVERYTHING i had up lol. Here's what you do: 1. Open the macro thinger on the bottom right. 2 Wow macro target focus target. The focus target is a supplement to the targeting system, provided to keep track of a second unit other than the currently targeted unit. The focus might be supplied jointly with the hands-on targeting system to control targets and also coordinate attacks or heals. The focus also acts as type of targain memory. Custom Warlock Macros for World of Warcraft: Classic. The Warlock, like the Hunter, is a very efficient leveling class that is great fun to play solo. I find having a pet to manage makes the game much more interesting, but it can also be quite difficult in panic situations to keep all the actions of you and your pet straight

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A macro is a tool that allows you to perform more than one action at a time. For example you can create a mouse-over macro for healing. Which allows you to place your cursor over a target frame to heal it rather than having to select the target. Or create a macro that binds 2 abilities to one key, like the Mage's Frost nova and blink Open the Macro Tab. Go to Custom Macros. Click New and select No Delay. Toy around with that. and you should get it working just like u want. To setup up the In Game Macro on the mouse you must. first create the In Game Macro in WOW. Then on the. mouse create a new custom macro using text and type This macro will cast Cleanse at a friendly mouseover target, a friendly target or yourself. #showtooltip Cleanse /cast [target=mouseover,help] [help] [target=player] Cleanse. Try It! Use WowMatrix to download and keep WoW AddOns up-to-date. It's 100% FREE! Includes support for the latest WoW AddOns and Mods. Tutorial How to Install WoW AddOns. Clear Action Bar Macro. This macro will remove any Spells and Macros on your action bars, use with caution. /run for i = 1,120 do PickupAction(i) ClearCursor() end. Focus Macro. This macro will set your current target as your focus without pressing any modifier. You can mouseover a target and press the alt modifier to set it in focus Also the macros you make will activate under any mouse press, for example if you click a macro to drag it to a different action bar slot, the first click will activate the macro, this is a big issue when you want to move a macro's position on your action bars while standing in front of a boss during raid as it will attack the boss and cause an.

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Another cool macro is the Infernal one, which is another cursor macro. Your Infernal will spawn wherever you're pointing your mouse as long as the area is in range, so it's just a quicker way to call your green friend. #showtooltip /cast [@cursor] Summon Inferna One of the most basic macros that players use is a A mouse over. macro. What this does is allow you to cast a specific spell on a target that. you hovering over with your mouse. This could be over the player or the frame. for there character along the side of the screen. This makes selecting a friendly In contrast, the pressure points for 2-2 are: 1: You need to optimise cooldowns ahead of time. Know who pops what, and when, to ensure you meet dps checks. 2: Your tank needs to hit Gloomveil with a frontal right before the first hand of destruction to allow for CDs to burst her down MouselookHandler (Mouse Look) MouselookHandler can lock you into mouselook, so you don't have to constantly press the right mouse button. It also allows rebinding your left and right mouse buttons to something new while mouselook is enabled. By default, it rebinds them to strafe left and right. You can set up custom conditions that control when. Auto Mouse Clicker is macro recorder software that records the movement and clicking of your mouse and playback the operations when you press the shortcut keys. You can configure the click types, pointer coordinates, delays, and repeat times in the software. The press of Ctrl, Alt, and Shift along with the mouse clicks can also be recorded

5. You can bind a macro to a key without an addon using SetBindingMacro followed by SaveBindings. /run SetBindingMacro (SHIFT-A, mymacro) /run SaveBindings (2) Replace SHIFT-A with whatever key you want: A, ALT-A, CTRL-SHIFT-A, etc. Replace mymacro with the name you gave your macro. Replace the 2 in the SaveBindings call to a 1 if you do. Top 6 Mice for WOW. CORSAIR Scimitar Pro - Our Choice. Logitech G600 - The best WoW gaming mouse with RGB. Razer Naga Trinity - With 16000 DPI. PICTEK MMO - Mouse with 17 buttons. UtechSmart Venus - The best gaming mice for WoW. Redragon M901 - A good mouse with RGB LED-backlit. If you are a World of Warcraft fan, ordinary mice won't satisfy.

A selection of useful wow Hunter macros. Stop your current cast and interrupt the target's spellcasting. Cast Barbed Shot and let your pet use his basic attack. Send your pet to attack current target and use intimidation. Use spirit mend on your mouseover target else on yourself. Use Misdirection on your friendly focus, pet or target Uber Mouse Wielding Heal Macro For you uber-mouse wielders out there, Llenyd's macro would: Cast GH1 on the Broodlord's current target if you click the macro. Cast Shield on the Broodlord's current target if you right-click the macro. Cast highest rank FH on the Broodlord's current target if you Mouse Button 4-click the macro This will set your current focus target to whatever you're currently targeting if you push button 2 on your mouse. If you push button 1, it will cast on your focus target. Another way to write this without clicking your mouse is: #showtooltip /stopmacro [help,dead] /focus [modifier,harm,nodead] /cast [nomod,@focus,harm,nodead] Repentanc

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  1. g Mouse Driver 2.9.2014 for Mac. August 19, 2014. Mac OS X. 9.5 MB. SteelSeries World of Warcraft Cataclysm MMO Ga
  2. A selection of useful Wow Demon Hunter macros. Cast Metamorphosis at your mouse cursor position. Removes a magic effect from your focus,mouseover or current target. Cast disrupt on your focus target els on your current target. Wow Vengeance demon Hunter infernal strike macro. Hold shift for infernal strike at your position
  3. How To Keybind the TSM4 Macro to your Mouse Scroll Wheel. TSM4 is now in the beta stage and I am lucky enough to have a testing copy. (It's meant to be for testing, I mostly just break it by accident.) TSM, Trade Skill Master, is famous for its ability to post items on the Auction House at super fast speeds
  4. macro commands and conditionals. Buy cheap World of Warcraft products. Wow macro commands: New conditionals added: [spec:1], [spec:2],[spec:3],[spec:4] .This checks the spec you are currently in. Use it to create a single macro usable in different specs: /cast [spec:1] spell in first spec; [spec:2] spell in second spec
  5. /cast [@mouseover, exists, harm] Hammer of Justice. There's a # sign in front of the showtooltip. What I want: A macro that casts Hammer of Justice on my mouseover target if I have one and if not then cast it on my current target

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Originally Posted by efksdljg. I am having issues with mouse over macros for my disc priest for TBC. Anyone have any links or macros they could share? /cast [target=mouseover,exists,help] Power Word: Shield (Rank 12); [target=player] Power Word: Shield (Rank 12) I use this as my mouseover macros. The second part of the macro forces the spell to. Open your spellbook frame (P), your bag (B), or the macro panel (/macro). (Also you can use three mini-icons on the BindPad frame to open these windows.) Drag an spell icon, item icon, or macro icon using Left Mouse Button and drop it onto the BindPad window. (You may need to press Shift Key + Left Mouse Button to drag if your action bars are. tazerhater 8 years ago #3. you can just edit the keybind for that spell with shift+2. edit: didn't realize you're making a macro, woopsies. Yeah, now listen to that beat. Now that's a kickin' glissando! User Info: ChocoboMog123. ChocoboMog123 8 years ago #4. Don't waste valuable macro space on this. Make a button for shift+2 and keybind it

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  1. g Mouse also comes with plenty of options to customize performance as well. You.
  2. g. It cleanses the target your mouse is currently hovering over; if you have no target, it will cleanse you. Back to the Top. Focus Repentance. #showtooltip Repentance /cast [target=focus] Repentance; Repentance This is another excellent macro, especially useful in PvP
  3. level 1. jjwu1019. · 3y. middle and side mouse buttons have not worked on mouseover macros on raid frames for me too. They however do work if my mouse is directly on their character when I use heal or other target friendly spells. edit:mouse scrolls work tho, which is what i use instead of middle mouse button. 3

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  1. Operating macros using additional mouse buttons is extremely convenient and will give you an edge over the majority of WoW players without specialty mice. The mice we'll be looking at a little later on offer a range of options for assigning multiple macro actions, all within easy reach on your mousing hand
  2. . Check your keybinds for any conflicts, both in WoW and in your mouse software
  3. After the macros are created I put them all on a bar (i the right action bar closest to the middle of the screen... i believe its called right action bar 2). Then I keybind those bar locations to F1 - F9. Mouse over the mob hit the F key you want to assign it. Fast and Effective
  4. This macro will cast your pet second utility ability depending on which pet is currently summoned. Consume Shadows for Void Walker, Devour Magic for Felhunter. While pressing the alt modifier it will Devour Magic your mouse over target. #showtooltip /cast [pet:voidwalker] Consume Shadows /cast [pet:felhunter, mod:alt, @mouseover] Devour Magic.
  5. Macros PvP noduel-classic-wow]Dueling PvP BiS Gear Warsong Gulch Tips Alterac Valley Tips gear swapping, or really almost anything that you would normally do with either a keybind or a mouse click. Macros are an invaluable tool in WoW and are essential to leveling up your gameplay. Macros Macros are simple, in-game tools which allow you to.
  6. Clicked is a World of Warcraft addon with the goal of improving keybinds and macros. The addon adds a configuration window from where all keybinds can be configured to do something.. There is an extreme amount of freedom in configuring exactly what a keybind does by creating bindings. A binding can do anything from casting a spell to using an item to running a custom macro

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mouse over pet attack. But I was trying for ages to get a mouse over petattack macro, and some people said you couldn't do it, I thought it would be very helpful for when you want to kill those pesky totems, get a stealthed rogue into combat ect. and it would be better than the growl macro people are using atm My First Macro. Creating a Macro in World of Warcraft is easy! Just hit the Escape key until the Game Options menu appears, and then to click on the Macros button. Click the New button in the bottom of the Macros pane, pick the icon you want your macro to use as well as the name and you're all set to start writing You can write macros and assign them to keyboard commands like Shift+2 or Ctrl+W. Try it out in the battlegrounds Before you start trying to mouse turn in raids or arenas, try it out in battlegrounds

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  1. g honor, XP, or
  2. of keys that need to be forwarded to WoW windows. ( If a WoW window is not active then you don't want keys forwarded to them, for instance if you are typing in an email or googling WoW fansites ) Now for the section of code to forward the middle mouse button. MButton::ClonesPush ( {= down} {= up} {- down} {- up}) ; *** Sends = then - to.
  3. author: Mystic | last updated: Feb 14, 17. This macro allows you to either mouseover or target an undead target that you want to shackle with just one bind. #showtooltip shackle undead /CAST [target=mouseover] Shackle undead /cast [@target] Shackle undead. To post a comment, you must or register. view all ( 0) answered ( 0) unanswered ( 0
  4. ation to macros to button assignments directly from the World of Warcraft interface. Illu
  5. My original Vanilla Priest Macros, created for the 1.12 client, were able to provide amazing utility to the Priest, but World of Warcraft: Classic uses a new macro system that is far more restrictive, so those old super powerful macros no longer work.Instead, we will have to figure out ways to get the most out of the new system
  6. Serious 116,284 views. 14:37 How to Enable Open Loot Window at Mouse Click WoW Classic Duration: 0:36. Linnet's How To 681 views. Moving With Your Mouse In World Of Warcraft Duration: 14:37. How to Enable Open Loot Window at Mouse Click WoW Classic Duration: 0:36. Linnet's How To 702 views. 0:36
  7. Continuing my Macro listings, I'll post some Druid Macros! These macros are all thanks to World of Warcraft Druid Forum. I don't play a druid on any server, yet the macros are pretty straightforward. If you have questions or suggestionslet me know and I'll update/post them here. Feral Macros. Ravage/Shred combo. If not in stealth mode.
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The SteelSeries World of Warcraft® MMO Gaming: Legendary Edition brings both Mac® and PC players a comfortably shaped and easy to configure mouse that can enhance their gameplay. The mouse features 11 programmable buttons, drag-and-drop macro creation, 16.8 million color illumination and can be configured directly from within the game WoW Classic Druid Macros. This guide was written in 2020 and is relevant for the WoW Classic release of the game as well as private servers. You'll find all of the WoW Classic Druid Macros that I have found online and considered useful. Not all of these are my original creation and credit goes to whomever first penned the words onto paper Just like WOW itself, this mouse was ultra-customizable, offering more than 16.8 million color options and 4 levels of pulsation. It featured a unique in-game integration feature that made it possible to configure the mouse settings, from illumination to button assignments, straight from World of Warcraft itself Custom Mage Macros for World of Warcraft: Classic. Playing a Mage is a lot of fun in World of Warcraft: Classic. The mechanics of the class are straightforward and it certainly doesn't require a lot of macros to play well. The macros on this page are designed to add a little extra utility and make some of the spells quicker to cast in the midst.