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  1. Bat surveys were led Dr Emma Boston, MRSB, MCIEEM with the assistance of Mark McDermott CSci. Emma has over 14 years' professional experience in the survey of bats for research, conservation and consultancy. Emma has expertise in using of a range of survey methods, techniques and equipment, including acoustic call analysis
  2. Bat Survey Report: Tree Roosts Black & Veatch Ltd 122488-BVL-Z0-PA-RP-V-00003/August 2016 2 1.2 Scope This report presents the findings of the bat activity (roost) surveys; comprising desk study and a dusk emergence and dawn re-entry surveys. The aim of the report is to
  3. ary roost assessment of twenty-nine semi-detached, single-storey holiday chalets (fifteen buildings) at Gilfach Holiday Village was carried out on 26 June 2018 to update findings of previous surveys conducted in 2014 by a third party (Bat Survey Report, Acer Ecology
  4. Indiana Bat Survey Report Green Brook Flood Damage Reduction Project Page 4 2.0 SURVEY OBJECTIVE The Survey Area (Bound Brook Element - R2 Segment) within the Green Brook Flood Control Project is located along Middle Brook, in the city of Bound Brook, Somerset County, New Jersey (Appendix A, Figure 1)
  5. The report should include the bat surveyor's name and credentials, the methods used for the survey and the results. The report should include clearly what category the potential suitability of the site for bats has been assessed as - negligible, low, moderate or high and any next steps needed to complete your project

The survey was carried out to determine roost potential of the building, current usage by bats, and other protected species, of the site and to establish status of the bat species using the site prior to development work being carried out. Survey site location A central grid reference for the site is SD803444574 2020-2021 Survey Guidelines March 2020. To find a day roost, a biologist triangulates the location of an Indiana bat fitted with a radio transmitter. Photo by Mike Coffey; USFWS. Automated Acoustic Bat ID Software Programs. History of the Summer Survey Guidance Development Bat and Barn Owl Survey Report Red Lees Road Barn, Burnley. 16.05.2013 Report prepared by: Dave Anderson Batworker.co.uk dave@batworker.co.uk 07894 33829 Bat Survey Data Report, Region 5 1018-0094 (Expires 3/31/21) 03/18 3-202-55e: Fillable: ES: Bat Survey Data Report, Region 6 1018-0094 (Expires 3/31/21) 03/18 3-202-55f: Fillable: ES: Non-Releasable Sea Turtle Annual Report 1018-0094 (Expires 3/31/21) 03/18 3-202-55g: Fillable: ES: Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Quarterly Report.

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  1. Thurnscoe Hotel, Rotherham: Bat Survey 1. Introduction 1.1 Application Site 1.1.1. This report details bat survey work at Thurnscoe Hotel, Houghton Road, Thurnscoe, Rotherham, S63 0JX. National grid reference SE 4546 0572. 1.1.2. Darwen Investments Ltd commissioned Verity Webster Ltd to undertake the bat survey work to inform the planning.
  2. gton . and Bogend Toll . Bat Survey. Garry Nixon . Wildlife Consultants . October 2005 . Garry Nixon . 111 Gilfoot . Newmilns . 01560 323257 . 1. Background Garry Nixon Consultants were asked to carry out a survey of the habitats on either sid
  3. WISCONSIN BAT PROGRAM- Acoustic Bat Survey Report 2015 INTRODUCTION . There have been nine bat species recorded in Wisconsin representing 12% of the state's mammal diversity. Four bats (Hoary bat, Eastern red bat, Silver-haired bat, and Northern long-eared myotis) were identified as Species o
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  5. 2013 (Table 3). Most surveys in 2019 were in the low encounter class (0-75 bat encounters per survey), while the remaining surveys fell into the mid- encounter class (76-150 bat encounters per survey). No surveys were classified in the high encounter class (151-225 bats encountered per survey) (Figure 4). Th
  6. This report presents the findings of bat surveys undertaken by Jacobs UK Ltd. (Jacobs) on behalf of Cheshire East Council (CEC) as part of the Crewe Green Link Road (South) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which will be reported in the Environmental Statement of the scheme
  7. ation of the properties following the methodology outlined in the Bat Worker's Manual (Mitchell-Jones an

Survey reports and mitigation plans are required for development projects that could affect protected species, as part of getting planning permission or a mitigation licence. Surveys need to show. 49 Cromwell Lane, Coventry - Bat Survey Report 2414-CWS-01 Cotswold Wildlife Surveys 11 The void was approximately 2.0 m high and ran the full width and length of the lower ridge. The roof was unlined and was heavily cobwebbed all over (Figs. 21-24). Figs. 21 & 22 Cobwebbed ridge Figs. 23 & 24 Cobwebbed gable ends. Natural Resources Wales Bat Roost Potential Survey Report Black & Veatch Limited 122782/2018 6 3. RESULTS 3.1 Bat Roost Potential Field Survey (a) Tree/Tree Group Assessment The survey identified a number of trees that were considered to have some potential to be affected by the Scheme's proposals. These were as follows: 26 groups of trees; an

1.14 Data analysis and reporting of the bat survey work were completed by James Garside. James has worked as a professional ecologist for over two years and has produced a number of bat survey reports for residential development projects. Jim Gillespie technically reviewed this report and was project director the bat habitat surveys conducted on February 10, 2017 along the SDG&E SQ-PX project, with an emphasis on those areas identified as the highest potential for bat use and habitat based on preliminary field assessment and GIS analysis. Bat habitat assessments and potential occupancy was focused along the areas of the project. This document sets out broadly what is involved when a 'bat survey and report' is required in relation to small-scale development (householder planning applications) in the UK. This guidance may be provided to homeowners by those commissioned to undertake surveys, in order to provide some background to bat surveys and assessment

Caroline compiled the bat survey report. FIELD SURVEYS Habitat survey 2.6 An ecological appraisal of the site enables the classification of features within the site for their suitability for roosting, commuting and foraging bats. Table 1 below is a table taken fro 2000). Any other bat survey methodology, such as tape recorded calls, and brief survey time, is certain to miss bat species scheduled by the TSC Act 1995. Scheduled species are recorded on average within 1.5 hours (94 ±64 minutes) of recording but up to four hours is required to record all threatened species present (Richards 2001) 7kh .hdge\ /rz &duerq *dv 3rzhu 6wdwlrq 3urmhfw 'rfxphqw 5hi 3odqqlqj ,qvshfwrudwh 5hi (1 7kh .hdge\ &duerq &dswxuh (txlsshg *dv )luhg *hqhudwlq Swaffham Prior - bat survey report 6 14/07/2020 4 Results and Interpretation Preliminary Bat Roost Assessment Description 4.1 A one storey agricultural storage building with solid walls constructed of brick. The roof is pitched and comprised of corrugated fibre board. Photographs of the north, east, south and western.

Northern Long-Eared Bat Presence/Probable Absence Acoustic Survey Report WEST, Inc. 4 November 8, 2018 Figure 2. Suitable northern long-eared bat summer habitat and acoustic survey site within the Tatanka Ridge Wind Project in Deuel County, South Dakota 2.2 Automated Bat Detector Surveys 2 2.3 Limitations 3 3 Results 4 3.1 Desk study 4 3.2 Automated Bat Detector Surveys 4 4 Discussion 9 4.1 Key Considerations for Impact Assessment 9 4.2 Recommendations and Mitigation 10 5 References 12 Appendix 1 - Site Location and Figures 1 Bat Activity Surveys 2.3 BSG Ecology undertook dusk roost emergence bat surveys on 17 June, 3 July 2019 and a dawn roost re-entry bat survey on 23 July 2019. The dusk emergence bat surveys were undertaken with four surveyors, and the dawn re-entry bat survey was undertaken with three surveyors. Details of the survey personnel are shown in Table 1 The survey was carried out to determine roost potential of the building, current usage by bats, and other protected species, of the site and to establish status of the bat species using the site prior to development work being carried out. Survey site location A central grid reference for the site is S In mid-November 2013, Cotswold Wildlife Surveys was instructed to undertake a bat survey of Gosford Park Hotel, 1 Northfield Road in Coventry. On 21st November 2013, a visit was made to the property to carry out a diurnal inspection of the building to check for signs of bat occupation. The result of the survey is contained in this report

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  1. Costs for bat surveys are worked out in much the same way as for any other professionals working on your project - such as architects, builders, interior designers and planning agents. We have our hourly rates (which vary a bit depending on the level of skill needed for the work, experience of the surveyor or complexity of the survey)
  2. g to reduce its per capita carbon emissions. 2015s3180 Harrowby Farm, Grantham, Lincolnshire - Bat Survey Report LT HA \/
  3. ary roost appraisal (or bat scoping survey) is a basic bat survey. It will assess the suitability of habitat, identify features which bats could use, and record any signs of use. The survey can be completed throughout the year. And will deter
  4. This is the final project report for the Bat Conservation Trust's (BCT) Bechstein's Bat Survey. The report is aimed at funders and bat group volunteers. 1.1 Bechstein's bat As one of the UK's rarest mammals Bechstein's bat (Myotis bechsteinii) is listed on Annex I
  5. Surveys are conducted either at dusk or at dawn when bats can be seen to emerge or re-enter a roost. In this way, our report can show, scientifically, that the mitigation you propose as part of your planning application is adequate and appropriate to the species and population of bat, and the actual use of the site
  6. Typically, bat surveys are valid for a period of one year. This is because bats are mobile animals that can move roost sites both within and between years. Sometimes a regulator, such as a local authority planning officer, might accept a slightly older survey report if there is a very low population of bats or another extenuating circumstance

1 May 2020 - 2019 Ecology Survey Reports. Interim Bat Survey Report. Interim Bat Survey Report - Appendix A - Background information; Interim Bat Survey Report - Appendix B - Desk study area; Interim Bat Survey Report - Appendix C - 2019 tree survey results; Interim Bat Survey Report - Appendix D - Bat hibernation surveys S.3 Recommendations for appropriate mitigation were made in the previous bat survey report (Lloyd Bore, 2015, C468-RP01) and an ecological method statement for the demolition of the mill was also drawn up (Lloyd Bore, 2015, C468-RP02). S.4 The mill features areas that have some potential for hibernating bats, most notably the ground an

The Indiana bat presence/absence mist net survey was conducted by Pittsburgh Wildlife & Environmental, Inc. (PWE) from July 9, 2013 to August 13, 2013. The purpose of the survey was to confirm the presence or probable absence of the Indiana bat within the vicinity of the project area. The survey was based upon PWE's professional judgmen A bat survey will be needed to be conducted during bat survey season, and will need to be conducted by a licensed bat surveyor. An experienced bat surveyor will look at the condition of external features on the building, including roofing tiles/slates, eaves and chimneys The revisions to the bat report were made after surveys by ecological consultant Dr Charlotte Packman discovered that the Northern Distributor Road (NDR), a dual carriageway around part of Norwich.

for surveying bats while incorporating the highest health and safety standards. Each of these documents was reviewed and used to guide the survey methodology. 1.3 Statement of authority Joel Wright BSc MSc MCIEEM carried out the bat surveys and prepared the Bat Roost Assessment and Survey Report for this project Bat Surveys Report Site: Ham Brook Client: Chichester District Council Version 001 Issued By: Gray's Ecology 22 Church Road East Wittering Chichester Sussex PO20 8PS Tel: 07971 034863 Email: nickg@clara.co.uk October 202

Survey Report . Passive Acoustic Bat Surveys in Support of the Proposed Fallon Range Training Complex Expansion, Nevada . MAY 2018. Prepared for: Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest . San Diego, CA . Prepared by: ManTech SRS Technologies, Inc. Environmental, Range, and Sustainability Services . Solana Beach, C INTERNAL\4-03 DESIGN\4-03-02 CONSULTING\EIA REPORT\VOLUME 4 - APPENDICES\CHAPTER 11\APPE NDIX 11.4 - BAT SURVEY REPORT .DOCX Bat Survey Report Figure 1. Bat activity along the Avoca River close to the M11 Bridge in August 2017 Legend: Blue circle = Soprano pipistrelle Green circle=Common pipistrell Survey Report . Passive Acoustic Bat Surveys in Support of the Proposed Fallon Range Training Complex Expansion, Nevada . December 2019. Prepared for: Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest . San Diego, CA . Prepared by: ManTech International Corporation . Environmental, Range, and Sustainability Services . Solana Beach, CA and Lompoc, C The survey was carried out to determine roost potential of the building, current usage by bats, and other protected species, of the site and to establish status of the bat species using the site prior to development work being carried out. Survey site location A central grid reference for the site is SE002444938 Bat Survey Report For a Residential Scheme The Spires, Duleek, Co. Meath Aisling Walsh M.Sc MCIEEM Trading as Ash Ecology & Environmental Ltd. Tel: 089 4991181 / Company Reg: 630819 / Kilfinane, Co. Limerick / Full membership of the CIEEM September 202

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Report action taken under a bat survey or research licence (LR-CL17-18-19-20) MS Word Document , 40.9KB This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology 2.4 BAT EMERGENCE AND ACTIVITY SURVEYS Two bat activity surveys were undertaken four weeks apart on the evenings of 29.6.15 and 27.7.15. The surveys were conducted during the optimal survey period for bats and in suitable temperature and weather conditions. Each dusk Transect survey began a The North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) is an international interagency program designed to monitor bat distributions and abundances on public and private lands, and provide trend data at the state, provincial, tribal, regional (e.g., Landscape Conservation Cooperatives), and range-wide scales. The goal of NABat is to provide natural. Ref: 071/16/RE01/V1 Harrogate Road/New Line Junction Improvement - Bat Survey Report 7/25 2.4 Daytime Inspection for Bat Roost Potential 2.4.1 An assessment was also made of the potential the trees and buildings had to support bats at other times of year. Suitable bat roosting features were searche

Report title: Protected Species Surveys Report (Bats and Nesting Birds) Report reference: WWE17040.EcIA(Bats) Grid Reference: ST 32731 88440 Survey date(s): 04/07/2017 Surveyed by: o Preliminary Roost Assessment: Dr Matt Davies, Dr Alex Pollard o Bat Activity Survey: Dr Matt Davies, Dr Alex Pollard, Ms Charlotte Poole and Mr Samuel Hillma 3.2.1 Observations were only made of single bats during the transect survey and the frequency of bat passes over the three hour survey period was relatively low (0.24 / min) Therefore it can reasonably be assumed that there are low numbers of bats of each species using the site. 3.2.2 Noctule observations were of an individual bat flying over. REPORT SEC8589 | Bat Survey Report Strathy South Wind Farm | Version 4 | 19 August 2020 rpsgroup.com Page 3 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background RPS was commissioned by SSE Generation Ltd. (SSE) to undertake bat surveys to assess potential effects to bats from the Proposed Varied Development. The Proposed Varied Development is located approximatel Shaw Farm Barn, Glossop: Bat Survey Report th 17 September 2015 SE0736-02/BAT/J/01a/JD Page 6 www.solumenvironmental.com 3.0 Methods 3.1 Desktop Survey Methodology 3.1.1 Desk study was carried out in June 2015 to identify any nearby national and local nature conservation designations, and any protected species records which already exist for.

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Bat Survey Report June 2011 . 2011/0393. Windrush Ecology Limited - 20 Gloucester Place - Witney - Oxon OX28 6LA Tel 01993 200245 - Web www.windrushecology.com - Email enquiry@windrushecology.com Company Registration No: 7068178 - Place of Registration - 28 High Street, Witney, OX28 6RA bats, with the subsequent Bat Survey Report 2015 (dated 24 September 2015, see Appendix A) reporting only a single instance of a bat passing through the site, concluding that the site buildings and basement were not used by bats at that time Abergelli Power Project - Bat Survey Report 3 10/03/2015 2 Introduction 2.1 Abergelli Power Limited commissioned BSG Ecology to undertake surveys for bats between April and October 2014 as part of a suite of ecological surveys to inform and support an application for Development Consent for the Project described below. Site Descriptio Cambrian Ecology Ltd/Llandderfel Chapel/Bat Survey/16.06.18 Figure.1: Aerial photo showing habitat surrounding Llandderfel Chapel 5 Results 5.1 Bats The internal survey was negative. During the emergence survey of 10th May, a single common pipistrelle was recorded emerging from a gap behind the barge boarding on the west facing gable end at th

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Survey Report for land off Church Street, Church Gresley, Swadlincote, Derbyshire Cotswold Wildlife Surveys 17th & 30th May and 9th & 12th June 2012 . Land off Church St, Church Gresley - Great Crested Newt Survey Report 979-CWS-0 Bat Survey Report ETB Car Garage Site, Hams Road/ Newerne Street, Lydney Delta-Simons Project Number 19-1330.03 Environment | Health & Safety | Sustainability Bat Survey Report ETB Car Garage Site, Hams Road/Newerne Street, Lydney Presented to Lidl Issued: July 2020 Delta-Simons Project No. 19-1330.0 ARB441: Bat Survey Report 08/07/2016 9 Oakwood House Bat Emergence Survey Results 31st May 2016 Two surveyors undertook this survey. Surveyor 1 surveyed the north and west elevation of building 1 and surveyor 2 surveyed the south and east elevation of building 1. One common pipistrelle was recorded emerging from the at the apex of the souther Results of the last Brue Valley Survey are in. The culmination of our 5 year mission. What bats did we hear, and where were they? Have a read of the report to find out. Brue Valley 2017 Big Bat Survey Report With many thanks to: all the volunteers that took part, the landowners that allowe

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Caverswall Park Farm: Bat Survey Report 28th October 2015 SE0738-01/I/02a/JD Page 9 www.solumenvironmental.com 3.1 Desktop Survey Methodology 3.1.1 Desk study was carried out in July 2015 to identify any nearby national and local nature conservation designations, and an February 2018. The survey did not identify any evidence of bat roosts, although the exterior of the dwelling was assessed as having low potential to support bat roosts. 1.1.3 This report details the results of an external building inspection and dusk emergence survey undertaken by HLPC of the dwelling and two outbuildings in July 2019 5. Initial Bat Survey The Initial Bat Survey was carried out on 21st May 2019 and 15th July 2019. 5.1 Method 5.1.1 Bat roosting potential The Extension (and adjoining parts of the main, two-storey, section of the House) was assessed for its potential to support bats and the type and number of bat roosts Bat Survey Report, Hazelwalls Farm, Uttoxeter V1 August 2014 RPS Environmental Management Ltd. Page 7 of 16 2.4 Legislation and Planning Policy Articles of British wildlife and countryside legislation, policy guidance and both Local and National Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) are referred to throughout this report.. bat survey (Acorn Ecology, Preliminary Bat Survey Report, December 2018). Table 1. Description and Categorisation of Barn Reference Number Description Categorisation Barn The Stone Barn is a two-storey building consisting of a stone base, with decorative red brick accents. There are four timber framed windows, which are boarded up

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3 The Ridgeway, Cuffley - Bat Survey Report Page 2 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 This report has been prepared by CSA Environmental on behalf of Heronslea Group. It sets out the findings of bat survey work undertaken at 3 The Ridgeway, Cuffley, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 4AY (hereafter referred to as 'the Site') NORTHERN LONG-EARED BAT ACOUSTIC SURVEY REPORT FOR PROJECT FEASIBLITY AND LOCATION Prevailing Winds Study Area in Bon Homme and Charles Mix Counties, South Dakota Prevailing Winds, LLC 101 Second Street West P.O. Box 321 Chokio, Minnesota 56221 Prepared by: Clayton Derby, Sandra Simon, and Kevin Lager Murray Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc

Carlton County Forest Bat Survey Report 2018 WEST, Inc. 6 January 2019 Table 2. Summary of bat captures at mist-net sites for 2018 bat surveys within Carlton County, Minnesota. Night Big Brown Bat Eastern Red Bat Silver-Haired Bat Little Brown Bat Hoary Bat Northern Long-Eared Bat Tri-colored Bat Total 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Bat Survey Report . 4. SURVEY RESULTS AND EVALUATION . 4.1. Specific survey work was undertaken of the buildings within the site in order to identify any evidence for use by bats and provide a detailed assessment of the potential of buildings to support roosting bats. 4.2. Roosts . Buildings - Inspection survey work 4.2.1 Bat Survey Report May 2016 3 Relevant wildlife legislation 3.1 Bats All UK native bat species and their roosts (whether bats are present or not) are protected under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 (as amended) and under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended)

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The Australasian Bat Society Inc. allowed the use of the standards for bat detector-based surveys to be included in the Appendix, and : also offered its general help in the preparation of this document. The draft version of this document was reviewed and updated by Kyle Armstrong in April 2009. The following people are acknowledge Bat Survey Report Rev A AN 08.15.docx August 2015 Bat Survey Report 2015 Better Barnsley Bat Survey Report Better Barnsley April 2017 Barnsley Council Mott MacDonald, 2nd Floor, 2 Brewery Wharf, Kendell Street, Leeds LS10 1JR, United Kingdom +44 (0)113 394 6700 F +44 (0)113 394 6701 W www.mottmac.co Following a Draft Bat Survey report compiled by John Curtin of Eire Ecology, members of our committee, Gerry Gavin, Marie Gilmore and Geraldine Noone (pictured main image with John Curtin) completed a successful 'Bat Survey Training' course in the Walled Garden. The course included two days of searching the walls and also comprised of

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Surveys and reports that are between twelve and eighteen months old are also generally considered to be valid unless, for example, site conditions have changed - e.g. there have been works on site, a building has become disused, trees felled etc. Between eighteen months and three years , an update is required Michigan bats feed on a variety of moths, flies, beetles and other insects. When feeding under normal conditions they can capture 600 to 1,000 mosquito-sized insects per hour. Bats are most often found in forested habitat near water, which are insect rich areas. Hibernation is an adaptation for survival during the winter months, when there are. FOCUSED BAT SURVEY NOVEMBER 2020 ONE BEVERLY HILLS OVERLAY SPECIFIC PLAN BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA R:\BHL1901\Biology\Oasis_OBH_Bat Survey(118387351.1)‐report format.docx (11/17/20) 1 INTRODUCTION This report documents the results of focused bat surveys performed on October 2 and 9, 2020, b This update on bat surveys was produced by the USGS Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. The authors are graduate student Sabrina Deeley and her advisor, Dr. Mark Ford. If you'd like to learn more about NCR bat survey results, contact Dr. Ford at 540-231-5927. Tags: Bat Natural Resource Quarterly NCRN Winter 2017

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Bat Activity Transect Survey Report _____ The Land next to Quakers Walk, Devizes, Wiltshire for Society of Merchant Venturers _____ Summer 2014 215 London Road East, Batheaston, Bath BA1 7NB Phone: 01225 858 999 Mobile: 07932 143 753 Email: enquiries@simecology.co.ukMobile: 07932 143 753 SIMECOLOGY LTD Wildlife Surveys and Ecological. and diversity in relation to the road/railway and local scale surveys of specific bat flight paths to assess the effectiveness of mitigation features designed to guide bats safely under or over roads/railways. Key points for each are given below. Detailed instructions for survey and analysis are given in Appendices E and G of WC1060 Bat Survey Report Date 22nd August 2016 Prepared by Peter Stronach Qualifications Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science and Agricultural Ecology Quality Assurance All staff employed by The Wildlife Survey Unit Ltd are full members o